Night & Athletic Guards

There are a few reasons why damage to your teeth can happen. Protecting your teeth from things like bruxism (teeth grinding) or sports injuries is a vital measure to take in order to prevent tooth injury or loss. Mouth guards are intended to protect your teeth from blunt trauma, depending upon the need of the wearer. There are two significant kinds of mouth guards—athletic and night. Dr. Tuan Pham can help you with custom night guards or athletic guards in order to fully protect your smile.

Night Mouthguards

Protect your teeth with a night guard

A night guard, or bruxism appliance, is a device that is fitted over the biting surface of the top or bottom teeth to prevent teeth grinding. Although it is called a night guard, it can be used during the day also. Alternative benefits of night guards include:

  • Protection from teeth deterioration due to bruxism
  • Alleviate tension headaches
  • Alleviate jaw pain
  • Prevention of jaw muscle spasm
  • Protect teeth during sports activities
  • Reduce grinding in stressful situations

Soft or Hard

Most mouthguard are made out of some type of acrylic material. The main choice you have to make is whether you want a soft, hard, or dual laminate dental mouth guard. The most common type is the soft plastic mouth guard. This type is more flexible and most comfortable for the majority of people to wear; however, it does have a shorter life span than the other two types. Those that are suffering from mild cases of teeth grinding are recommended to use a soft night guard.

Patients who are distressed from severe bruxism issues, need to invest in a more durable type which is the hard night guards. Hard acrylic mouth guards are typically prescribed to those who have severe bruxism and/or those who have or seem to be developing TMJ disorder. These guards are more durable, but less flexible.

A more modern innovation is the dual laminated dental mouth guards. These guards combine a hard outer layer with a soft inner layer. They give you the best of both worlds, and they have the highest customer satisfaction rates. However, you cannot soak these dual laminate guards overnight in order to prevent the two layers from separating.

How Athletic Guards Reduce Injuries

Athletic Sports Guards in Burbank, CA

The majority of orofacial injuries result in dental trauma. Sports present an opportunity for injury to your mouth that could lead to a knocked-out tooth, fractured teeth, and even a broken jaw. Considerable tooth and gum damage is part of the risk of dental trauma. However, a mouth guard can help to absorb the impact that’s often experienced in sport activities and protect your teeth. Customized athletic mouth guards can significantly reduce tooth damage, tooth loss, and impact severity.

Fit Matters

The cheaper and less effective alternative to custom mouth guards is to buy an over the counter pre-made mouth guard. These mouth guards will not offer the same type of protection that a custom guard will offer because it wasn’t made for your unique mouth and dentition. Spending the money on a quality custom mouth guard will offer a different level of protection, one that’s comprehensive and will be specially designed for you. At Tuan Pham DDS, we use state-of-the-art dental impression procedures to reconstruct the exact measurements of your mouth. Even the smallest details like individual tooth size and bite orientation are included in our process to create your perfect mouth guard.

Where Can You Find Safe, Patient-Focused Dental Care in Redlands, CA?

When you choose Dr. Tuan Pham as your dentist in Redlands, CA, you can rest assured that you are working with a highly experienced dental professional who will guide you to the treatments that are best able to protect and preserve your oral health. You can help prevent injury and protect your mouth when playing sports and from teeth grinding with custom mouth guards. Contact our office today to learn more about Night and Athletic Sport Guards or to schedule an appointment.